Friday, January 29, 2010


Miracle: Any amazing or wonderful occurrence. (

"We need a miracle"—that is what we say as humans when an event happens in our lives that we can’t find an answer for medically, legally, environmentally—so we finally turn to the Spiritual and ask for a miracle. But we’ve already seen the miracle. It is there before us, as the definition states, “Any amazing and wonderful occurrence.”

My children are the miracle. Jeff’s life and passing were the miracle. Each breath we take is the miracle. My friend Steph and her family are the miracle. By definition all these people and their lives are amazing and wonderful occurrences. It all comes together to make my miracle.

The miracle is happening all around us. Take the time, just stop for a moment and recognize the miracles in your life. They aren’t the unbelievable—Miracles are right in front of you. In the crib down the hall, in the family room with the Disney Channel blasting from the TV, across the dinner table from you, across town sitting in a small house waiting for calls from her grown children…

Where would we be without our Miracles?

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Chrissy said...

Thank you Holly. I heart you.