Friday, February 8, 2008

Thank Yous from Jeff and Holly

On November 6, 2007, Jeff was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma cancer. He is brave, he is strong, we celebrate the good days, we (I) cry through the tough ones. We are blessed to have the prayers and support of so many--we look forward to the day when we can pay this all forward. We look for ways that we can help now. It all feels so small compared to what people are doing for us. We are grateful, we are in awe, we are thankful for the goodness in people. We have so many to thank--Julie and Paul, Sandy and Lee, Missi and BJ, The Boswells, Joan, Kathy and Tim Carlisle--our Houston Angels; Gail and Greg, The Aumans, The Gomezs, Steph, Chrissy, Cheryl and Kenneth, all the families that attend Kids First Preschool, the amazing teachers at Kids First Preschool--my place of refuge. My dear, patient mother--Carol Frank, my sisters Carrie, Bonnie, and Janice, my brother Richard and my amazing nephews and nieces--Jef, Chuck, Marty, Emmy, Holly, Jim. All of Jeff's sweet family--Shelley, Kelly and Eric, Travis. Jeff's amazing lifelong friends Jim Lohmeyer and Roddy Rogers--we both have dear friends that are by our side through all this. The list to thank grows daily. Our church--Campbell United Methodist--the pastors Jim and David, and Betty--so many church family that hold us up in prayer daily and support us through every step. Our business--Planvest Capital Management, Robin, Dean, Molly and Peggy--all of our dear clients who have become like family over the years. The staff and families of McBride Elementary. There are hundreds of names I could list here--some have chosen to remain anonymous--some we met briefly in our travels to MD Anderson. So many examples of what God wants us to be--blessings to each other. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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