Saturday, March 1, 2008

Visit to MD Anderson 2/27-2/29

This is a difficult thing to write. Jeff has had a rough two weeks. We had an ER visit that resulted in a CT scan. From the scan we learned that the cancer is now in his spine and ribcage. Because of the progression, Jeff was dropped from the experimental study he was in at MD Anderson. On Wednesday, Feb 27, the girls and I joined Jeff on his journey to MD Anderson to discuss further options with his oncologist. We were blessed to be flown down and back by private jet, provided by Brian Allen's brother, Randy Allen. This was truly a gift, as Jeff was able to go literally door to door in three hours. No layovers, no canceled flights, no rude airline encounters--I can't tell you how rough the flights to Texas have been for him. We can never, never thank Brian and Randy enough.

When we arrived at MD Anderson, our first night was relaxing and we just tried to enjoy being together as a family. Jeff's pain was pretty severe--he truly is the strongest, bravest man I know. On Thursday, Kathy Carlisle--our Houston Angel--stayed with the girls so that we could attend a meeting with the Pain Management physician. Jeff was able to change meds to better endure the intolerable pain he experiences constantly. That night he ate dinner with us, sat with the girls on the couch and smiled. It was a huge relief. Friday morning, Kathy joined us again and took such loving, patient care of the girls all day. Jeff and I went to see his oncologist, where we learned of Jeff's options. It was a meeting no one ever wants to attend, but Jeff was amazing.

This week we will go over the options presented. There is one more study he may be accepted into. I am exploring options with the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda--I still believe. My mom said it's good to believe, now TRUST. So, I do trust that God is guiding us--I pray that we will be quiet enough to hear God's still small voice--to be able to hear his direction and humble enough to follow.

I am truly grateful for each day with my family. God brought us together--we are complete in God's eyes.

Love to you all...


Lynn and Mike said...

That was hard to read, so I can't imagine the day-to-day living you all are doing. Trust in God. Your mom's advice is good. Enjoy every moment. Know that you are all loved and thought about daily. We love you.

Anonymous said...

Holly & Jeff,
We are Rhonda's parents. We met Jeff at Sarah's birthday party last summer. We wanted you to know that you have been in our prayers and also have added you to our prayer list in our Sunday School Class. We believe that God can perform miracles. In July of 1970 a tumor was discovered on Ronald's brain. He was given a 50/50 chance it would be malignant and given a short time to live. We had 3 children ages 9,7 & 3 at the time. Praise the Lord when surgery was done the tumor was changed to an absess. The doctor never could figure out what had happened but we know that God performed a Miracle Healing and Prayer changes things.

Love In Christ,
Ronald & Mary

Anonymous said...

A prayer request was made to our Sunday School class at Second Baptist Church and I just read it. Before reading it, however, I saw your website name of NeverGonnaBreakMyFaith and was deeply touched by that expression of faith alone. After reading what you have and are experiencing, my head bowed in prayer for you and your family that God's healing and comforting hands are on each one of you. Know you have many prayers being offered up on your behalf and for the doctors who are caring for and about you. . Remember, God is still in the miracle business!